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Adventures in Roofing a Shed

I Corinthians 10:12 - Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.


Part of renovating my shed involved putting on a new roof. The old roof was sheet metal and was rusty and missing a section. The roof is 8' to 9.5' tall, depending on whether you're measuring at the side or the peak.

I was kneeling somewhere in the middle of the slope, attempting the fasten the remaining OSB (oriented strand board, like plywood) to the end of the roof. The shed is 10x10, and the OSB comes in 4x8 sheets, so there was a 2' section that was empty. I had the piece of OSB sitting in place on the rafters (2' spacing, so it worked out nicely).

I was holding the OSB in place with my right knee while I got the hammer and nails ready. The board slipped and fell into the shed, and I went tumbling after. The problem was that I had put some of my weight onto the loose board. So the lesson is that if you are working on the roof, do not step, kneel, or lean on anything that is not secured.


I landed on my back on the step ladder that was inside the shed, then I landed on the floor of the shed on the same side of my back. The step ladder wobbles a little bit more now.

top o' the ladder

It is obvious where my back met the ladder. The floor impact is not so obvious, but my back is sore slightly below the ladder imprint. The X-rays showed no apparent fractures, so the end result is some bruised ribs.

my back