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An Overview of Christianity

An Introduction to Christianity

For a brief introduction, a Christian is someone who follows Jesus Christ. The ultimate source of information about Jesus Christ is the Bible.

Listed here are some basic assumptions (prolegomena) of the Christian theology. These form the basis for the Christian's "worldview", and they are here to help everybody better understand the Christian's point of view.
  • God is self-existing
  • God is omnipotent (all-powerful)
  • God has revealed Himself to us through creation and through the Bible.


America is currently considered to be a post-Christian nation by many people. Christianity, with the Bible, was a dominant force behind American life, driving individual people, the federal government, and everything in between. That is no longer the case. A multitude of factors have resulted in Christianity's being relegated to a piece of history, and a small contingent of people outside of the mainstream culture and society.

These pages were created so that people who had no contact with Christianity, other than an occasional news article or movie portrayal, could learn what Christianity is, in general. In these pages, Christianity is not associated with any church group in particular. The information here originates from the Bible.

Site Contents

The topics here are listed in alphabetical order.
Aliens The upcoming disappearance of many people is not an alien abduction.
Basics The five basic beliefs of a Christian
Death Death happens to everyone. Here is what the Bible says about it.
Differences What separates Christianity from other religions?
Disaster Natural disasters will mark the end of this world.
Gospel No Christian site would be complete without an explanation of the Gospel.
Verses Some Bible verses that might be good to know
Zeno A modern application of a classic impossible statement