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This page is titled Children, because it is a shorter title than Abortion and Adoption. There are two sides (three if you count neutral): "pro-life"/"anti-abortion" and "pro-choice"/"pro-abortion". Let's examine what each side claims.
The pro-choice side claims that a woman should have the right to choose what to do with her own body. There are three problems with this.
  • First, what "choice" is there? Do the pro-choice people promote anything except abortion? Is only one option really a choice?
  • Second, is her child part of her body? The child has his own blood type, his own DNA structure, his own heartbeat, and his own brainwaves. Can something like that be considered part of the mother, or is it another person, just dependent on the mother for life and safety? If it is not a child before it is born, what is it? When does it turn human?
  • Third, if the unborn child is a female, why doesn't she get to choose what happens to her body?
The pro-life side stands against abortion and considers each pregnancy to be a valued life. Although there is only one choice (have the child) before birth for the pro-life side, there are more options for the mother: keep the child, or let the child be adopted.
There are thousands of couples in the U.S. who want children but are unable to have them. On the flip side, there are millions of abortions that have occurred. If you don't want your unborn child, or if you can't care for it once it is born, why throw it away, when there are so many people who would do almost anything to have a child?
You don't have to have an abortion. There are many, many Crisis Pregnancy Centers around the country that can help you get through the pregnancy. Click here for a state-by-state listing of centers, or click here for a listing of national help lines. The centers offer counseling, help with housing, help with adoption, or many other services. Or check your Yellow Pages under "Abortion Alternatives" or "Adoption".