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Children Evolution Extreme Fahrenheit 451 Straight Topics Truth

Welcome to the Issues and Topics page. There is so much information these days, and, unfortunately, there is much of it that is mis-information or a subject that has only one side presented. This page is an attempt to present the lesser-seen view for those subjects.

My style in writing about these issues tends to be asking questions to get you to answer them for yourself.

Truth - Right and wrong and legal and such
Evolution - Evolution and Creation and science and faith and such
Extreme - Why are extreme sports popular?
Children - Abortion and adoption and such
451 F - A modern-day parallel with Ray Bradbury's book
Straight - Homosexuality and such

As always, comments are welcome. The e-mail address is listed at the bottom of the page. Let me know what you thought of the page, tell me your views, give me an opposing argument to something listed here, etc.